Sony Trinitron PVM-8040 CRT Pro Monitor

Display Size: 8"
Year Model: 2003
Prop Only
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    Fine-Pitch 8 inch Color Monitor

    For video professionals in the field, Sony's PVM-8040 Fine-Pitch 8-inch Color Monitor features 250 TV lines of resolution, a beam current feedback circuit, composite or Y/C input and output, rack mount capability (5 rack units high), and a built-in speaker for audio monitoring. And, with a speaker (0.5W, monaural) built-in to the monitor, sound can be monitored in the field.
    486 x 440
    BNC, S-Video, RCA
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    EIA Standard, NTSC Color
    8. Trinitrone measured diagonally,
    70° deflection
    BNC-type, 1Vp-p :t6dB composite
    75!1, sync negative
    BNC-type, 1Vp-p :t6dB composite,
    sync negative
    > 250 lines
    AC-120V 60Hz
    -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
    -10°C to 149°C (14°F to 149°F)
    216 x 217 x 351mm
    (8%. x 8%. x 13%")
    Optional MB-507 for two monitors,
    MB-509 blank panel for mounting
    one PVM-8040 MAMB-507
    16 Ibs 8 oz (7.5kg)

    8 inch Table Monitor
    Beam current feedback for stable color reproduction over a long period of time
    Heavy duty construction with metal cabinet to minimize electromagnetic interference between adjacent monitors
    Built-in speaker
    19-inch EIA standard rack mountable
    NTSC Only, 250 TVL, 1 Composite Input
    110V AC only
    Stabilizes the CRT drive by checking the cathode current low light signal levels, this circuit compensates for changes in CRT characteristics by adjusting the black color drift, enabling the monitor to provide stable color reproduction over a continuous period.
    Y/C input is standard in the PVM 8-inch series so that luminance/chrominance video signals can be input to the monitor, this minimizes cross color/dot interferences and realizes high-quality video pictures.
    Two PVM 8-inch series can be mounted side by side into and EIA standard rack with an optional rack mounting bracket.
    The PVM 8-inch series are of heavy duty construction tocope with operation under adverse conditions.
    The PVM 8-inch series can be easily carried on location with the carrying handle.
    CRT type: 9" HR Trinitron Tube, visible picture, size 8" measured diagonally, 70° deflection, AG pitch 0.5mm
    Frequency Response: 6.0MHz (-3.0dB)
    Normal scan: 6% overscan
    Convergence: Central: 0.43mm (Typical), Corner: 0.53mm (Typical)
    Synchronization: AFC time constant 1.0 ms)
    Humidity: 0 to 90%
    Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
    Color Temperature: 6500K (D65)
    Rack Mount: Optional MB507//A for two monitors, MB-509 blank panel for mounting one PVM-8040 and optional MB-507//A
    Power Consumption: AC-40W
    Horizontal Resolution: >250 lines
    Resolution: Composite video: 250TV lines at center
    Video Input: BNC-type, 1Vp-p +6dB composite 75 Ohms, sync negative
    Video Output: BNC-type 1Vp-p +6dB composite, sync negative
    Color System: NTSC
    Aperture Correction: -4.0dBs to +6.0dB (at 3.0MHz)
    Storage Temperature: -10°C to 149°C (14°F to 149°F)
    Power Requirements: AC-120V 60Hz
    Video Signal System: EIA Standard, NTSC Color
    Picture Tube: 8" Trinitron measured diagonally, 70° deflection
    H Linearity: <7% (Typical)
    V Linearity: <7% (Typical)
    Raster size Stability: H: 1.0%, V: 1.5%
    Speaker out: 0.5W, 8 Ohms, monaural
    Dimensions W x H x D: 8 5/8 x 8 5/8 x 14 inches
    Weight: 17lbs 3oz
    HV Regulation: 3.0% (Cut off to High light)
    Line A/Line: Loop-through Phono connector, -5dBs, high impedance

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