ROE Ruby RB1.5 LED Wall Tile – 1.5mm

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    Contact us to request details about instillations and quotes. Photos supplied are sample LED panels.

    Only the best is good enough. Surpassing existing technology, ROE Visual has developed its existing LED, the 2.3 4in1 LED, exclusively available for Ruby. Stronger, less reflection and more contrast due to an optimized black body, the resulting colors are striking.

    HDR. True Colors

    Sporting advanced driver ICs and LEDs with large color space, Ruby is fully HDR adaptive. Adding excellent color depth and great grayscales to your visuals.
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    Pixel Pitch 1.56mm
    LED Configuration 4 in 1 common cathode
    Max Brightness Calibrated 800nits
    Panel Dimension 500 x 500 x 73mm, 19.7” x 19.7” x 2.87”
    Panel Resolution (H x V) 320 x 320
    Weight Per Panel 8.16kg, 17.99lbs
    Power Consumption Max/Average 210W / 105W
    Curving (Concave & Convex) Concave 5°~Convex 3°
    Viewing Angle Vertical 140°
    Viewing Angle Horizontal 140°
    Scan Ratio 1/16
    Refresh Rate 3840Hz
    Gray Scale 14bit

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