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    The powerful two rubberized clamps have an impressive grip that won't slip operated strong stainless steel springs and hardware for rust prevention.
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    RoboCup is a patented portable holder that securely holds two drinks, fishing poles, tools, gear, drum sticks, phone, keys, glasses and more. Perfect for fishing, boating, golfing, UTV, beach umbrella, film/TV production, grip, camera assistants, cinematographers, musicians, drummers, mic stand, guitar stand, equipment cart, mobility aid, crutches, wheelchair, walker, knee scooter and more.

    *NO TOOLS REQUIRED: RoboCup clamps instantly to vertical surfaces both round and flat up to 2" in size.

    *HOW TO USE: To open (1) hold the RoboCup with the clamps facing away from you and (2) using both hands squeeze the cups inwards using your chest muscles and (3) clamp onto a surface using both jaws equally. For maximum security, the clamps can be locked using a 4" (101mm) plastic cable-tie. The bottom end caps are removable for access to clean the RoboCup and for long objects including two fishing poles. The included 2 hook&loop straps can be used in various configurations as needed.

    *STAINLESS STEEL SPRINGS & HARDWARE: The springs and hardware are stainless steel for rust prevention. Built with a robust design, the poly material has UV-inhibitors added for longevity against the sun.

    *UPDATED DESIGN IN MID-2017: Ribs were added to the poly frame as reinforcement to the two clamps making them twice as durable. The two bottom end caps have improved threading that stay on shut.

    *EZ-SPRING VERSION: Available now in three colors is the EZ-Spring version which is much easier to open yet does the job for many applications.

    *ROBOCUP PLUS: Available now in 11 colors is the Plus accessory which holds larger drinks up to a 3.75" / 95mm size and works with the original RoboCup. We listened to our loyal customers and put our design team to work.

    *ROBOCUP HOLSTER: Available now in 11 colors is the RoboCup Holster which holds your phones, key, wallet, pens, tools and much more.

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