Apple Power Mac G3 with Keyboard

Year Model: 1999
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    The Power Mac G3 (Blue and White) (codenamed Yosemite) was introduced in January 1999, replacing the Beige Mini Tower model, with which it shared the name and processor architecture but little else. It is the first Power Macintosh model to include the New World ROM, and the last with ADB port. 300 MHz, 350 MHz and 400 MHz models were introduced with a price range of US$1,599 – US$2,999.[24]

    Though still based on the PowerPC G3 architecture, the Blue and White was a totally new design. It was the first new Power Mac model after the release of the iMac, and shared the iMac's blue-and-white color scheme. Inside the enclosure, the logic board is mounted on a folding "door", which swings down onto the desk for tool-free access to all the internal components.

    *Front lower foot piece missing. See photos.
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    Developer Apple Computer
    Product family Power Macintosh
    Type Desktop computer
    Release date November 10, 1997, 25 years ago
    Lifespan November 10, 1997-August 31, 1999 (1 year and 287 days)
    Introductory price $1599
    Discontinued August 31, 1999, 23 years ago
    CPU PowerPC G3,
    233 – 333 MHz, 300 – 450 MHz
    Predecessor All-in-one:
    Power Macintosh 5400
    Power Macintosh 5500
    Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
    Power Macintosh 4400
    Power Macintosh 6200
    Power Macintosh 7300
    Mini Tower:
    Power Macintosh 6500
    Power Macintosh 8600
    Power Macintosh 9600
    Successor iMac G3 (All-In-One)
    Power Mac G4 (Mini Tower)
    Power Mac G4 Cube (Desktop)

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