Logitech Y-RH35 Wireless Keyboard

Year Model: 2002
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    Logitech Cordless Access Keyboard - Work, play and communicate better with a cordless keyboard that fits easily wherever you want to use it, almost anywhere within a six-foot range of your computer. Use the enhanced function key commands to simplify the things you do most often, such as sending email, chatting with instant messenger, playing CDs or DVDs, accessing files, and surfing the Web!!
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    Logitech Cordless Access Multimedia Keyboard USB w/PS/2 Adapter
    General Features:
    USB interface
    104-key QWERTY layout
    Cordless freedom through multi-channel digital radio technology with secure encryption
    Responsive keys for an exceptional touch
    Comfortable Zero Degree Tilt design
    Enhanced commands simplify tasks
    Access favorite web sites, directories, and applications with one-touch function keys
    Control audio and video directly from the keyboard
    Customize keyboard features with powerful iTouch® software
    One-Touch Function Key Features:
    Suspend key
    F Lock key
    E-mail key
    Messenger/SMS key
    Webcam key
    Volume up button
    Volume down button
    Media key
    My Home key
    Search key
    Package Includes:
    Logitech Cordless Access USB keyboard
    USB to PS/2 adapter
    Wrist rest
    Cordless receiver
    Driver CD with iTouch software
    Logitech Cordless Access M/N: Y-RH35
    Logitech Cordless Access P/N: 867220-0100
    Logitech Cordless Keyboard Receiver M/N: C-BG17-KBD
    Logitech Cordless Keyboard Receiver P/N: 830628-0000

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