IBM InfoWindow 3471 CRT Display Terminal

Display Size: 14"
Year Model: 1989
Prop Only
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    The IBM 3471 is an InfoWindow* display that offers a new level of performance in entry mainframe interactive displays. The InfoWindow 3471 features a choice of keyboard, choice of warranty period in some models, and either 14-inch green or amber-gold monochrome monitor with a flat, smudge-resistant screen, capable of displaying up to 1920 characters.

    The 3471 offers high-quality, superior ergonomics and functions that include: Variable Auto Dim, Extended Vital Product Data, Extended Attribute Buffer, Record/Play/Pause with security options, Country Extended Code Page, Improved Set-Up Mode, and front-of-screen Dot Width Adjustment are offered on the 3471 Model B.

    The IBM 3471 14-inch monitor has an actual viewable screen size of 11.4 inches when measured diagonally. The InfoWindow 3471 replaces and is compatible with the IBM 3191 Models A and B Display Stations. Depending on the model selected, the InfoWindow 3471 may be attached to the IBM 43xx, 937x, ES/4381*, ES/9370*, 470x, 308x, ES/3090*, ES/9000*, 8100, System/36, System/38, and Application System/400* (AS/400*) processors.
    720 x 402
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    - Vital Product Data
    -- The 3471 will transmit to an IBM 3174 Subsystem Control
    Unit, Vital Product Data.
    -- This feature allows the terminal to identify itself by
    sending to the 3174 unique machine identification
    information, including the machine type, model number and
    the serial number assigned to it during the manufacturing
    -- The user may assign their own serial number during Set-up
    o Screen Characteristics
    - 1920 Characters (80 x 24) plus Operator Information Area
    - 21% larger screens (Viewable area is 235 X 170 mm)
    - 13% larger characters (height 3.39 mm)
    - 720 X 402 Picture Elements
    - Non-glare, 14-inch Green or Amber-Gold Monochrome Monitor
    o Modifiable Keyboards
    - 122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
    - IBM Enhanced Keyboard (102-Key)
    - 104-Key Typewriter Keyboard
    - 104-Key Data Entry Keyboard
    - Coiled keyboard cable
    - Home row indicator keys
    - Horizontal Cursor speed of 20 cps
    o Ergonomics
    - Small, light weight video unit
    - Tilt/Swivel stand
    - Small footprint
    - Low-profile keyboards
    - 12% smaller keyboards
    - Reduced power consumption

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