IBM Buckling Spring Model M Wired Mechanical Keyboard

Year Model: 1985
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    Model M keyboards are a group of computer keyboards designed and manufactured by IBM starting in 1985, and later by Lexmark International, Maxi Switch, and Unicomp. The keyboard's many variations have their own distinct characteristics, with the vast majority having a buckling-spring key design and swappable keycaps. Model M keyboards are notable among computer enthusiasts and frequent typists due to their durability, typing-feel consistency, and their tactile and auditory feedback
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    Part no. Various
    Branding IBM, Lexmark, Unicomp, others
    Manufacturer IBM, Lexmark International, Maxi Switch, Unicomp
    Product family IBM Model M
    Layouts 101/102/104 ANSI, 102/103/105/122 ISO
    Keyswitches Buckling-spring, Dome-switch keyboard
    Keycaps Dye-sublimated (white/grey keycaps) or pad-printed (black) PBT
    Interface PS/2, AT, Terminal, USB
    Weight 2.0–2.5 kg
    Introduced 1985

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