Filmtools Upright Magliner Cart

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    The Filmtools Vertical Junior Sound and Video Cart features a new design that allow us to lower the price by over $150.00! We've added our Proboscis nose (18" wide by 20" long) and attached 8" pneumatic casters directly to the .325" thick nose plate, thus eliminating the Backstage $300.00 wheel brackets. The two main tires are our 10" x 3.50/4 Pneumatics mounted on split rims with sealed high precision bearings. The 8" front steerable pneumatic tires are mounted in a swiveling caster with a brake pedal. All of our Backstage Vertical cart accessories, along with our rack mounts fit the newly designed cart. This cart is shown with the optional handles, cable hooks and Nagra half shelf (not included).

    Height on the Junior Vertical Cart is 47".
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    SKU 7501-etc
    Brands Filmtools
    MPN 7501

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