Cybernet CTX 2055 CB Radio

Year Model: 1970
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    Cybernet CTX 2055 CB Radio (Beige/Black/1970)
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    Lo 1w/ Hi 25w
    Tx: 1.1/4.9 A from 13.6 V
    Rx: 0.18A fom 13.6 V, sensitivity: 0.25uV for 20dB quieting
    Accurately on fq (ch 16): 156.79979 MHz, that is only 210 Hz low!
    Front can be tilted up or down for mounting above or under deck.
    Can be set to check for traffic on Ch. 16 every few seconds
    Has the five weather channels
    Has no mounting hardware
    Coverage: Ch:1~16, 18~20, 22, 24~28, 65~74, 77~83, 85, 87, 88 and W1~W5
    Requires FCC Radio License

    This product is a professional radio and requires an FCC license to transmit.

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