Apple M7803 Pro Keyboard

Apple M7803 Pro Keyboard
Apple M7803 Pro Keyboard
Year Model: 2000
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    The Apple Pro Keyboard is a pointing device that was designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple from 2000 to 2003 as part of the Apple Keyboard series. The Keyboard has been introduced on 19 July 2000 and its price started at $59. The new keyboard features a USB connection to the computer, two USB ports on the sides, a single adjustable-high leg, black keys, and a clear case. A version with white keys has been introduced alongside the new iMac G4. This Keyboard has been discontinued on 6 May 2003 and has been replaced by Apple Keyboard.
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    Keys in Total 108
    Alphanumeric 48
    Special 1 – Disk eject
    3 – Volume
    15 – Function keys
    Numeric 18
    Cursor-control 4 (T-style)
    Connection USB

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