Apple Keyboard II

Year Model: 1990
Prop Only
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    The Apple Keyboard II features two bidirectional ADB ports that function either as upstream (to connect to the computer or another ADB device higher up the chain) or downstream (for connecting the mouse or downstream peripherals). The cable is detachable and connects to either ADB port, with the mouse normally connected to the other port. Right-handed people would typically use the right-hand ADB port for the mouse, and left-handed people would use the port on the left, the other port is used for the keyboard cable.
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    Model no. M0487
    Branding Apple
    Manufacturer Mitsumi, SMK
    Keyswitches Tactile Mitsumi KPQ Type
    SMK spring over membrane
    SMK Alps mount (caps lock)
    Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
    Interface ADB
    Introduced 1990
    Supersedes Apple Standard Keyboard

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