Apple A9M0303 ImageWriter Dot Matrix Printer

Year Model: 1983
Prop Only
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    The ImageWriter is a product line of dot matrix printers formerly manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc., and designed then to be compatible with their entire line of computers. There were three different models introduced over time, which were popular mostly among Apple II and Macintosh owners.
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    Manufacturer Apple Computer
    Introduced December 1983
    Discontinued December 1, 1985
    Cost US$675 (equivalent to $1,754 in 2020)
    Type Dot matrix
    Slots none
    ROM 32 KB
    Ports Serial
    Power consumption 180 Watt
    Color No
    DPI 144
    Speed 1-2 page per minute
    Weight 19 lbs.
    Dimensions (H × W × D) 4.8 × 16.2 × 11.8 in

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