Apple Cinema Display Original

Display Size: 22"
Year Model: 1999
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    Introduced to complement the Power Macintosh G4/400, G4/450, and G4/500, the Apple Cinema Display features a 22-inch "letterbox" format (1600x1024) active-matrix LCD display and an integrated two port USB hub.

    Apple remarked that this display is "twice as bright, twice as sharp, and has three times the contrast of CRT displays". It has a DVI connector.
    1680 x 900
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    Introduction Date: August 31, 1999 Discontinued Date: July 19, 2000
    Display Type: LCD Display Size: 22-Inch
    Optimum Resolution: 1600x1024 Max. Display Colors: 16.7 Million
    Details: Supports 800 by 500, 1024 by 640, 1280 by 800, and 1600 by 1024.
    Viewing Angle: 160/160* Response Time: N/A
    Details: *160 degrees horizontal, 160 degrees vertical.
    Brightness: 180 cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 300:1
    DPI/PPI: 85 Dot/Pixel Pitch: N/A
    Built-in Audio: None Built-in Camera: None
    USB: 2 (1.0) Firewire: None
    Supported MacOS: 8.6* Power: 62W**
    Details: *This display requires a Mac with a DVI port and onboard USB running MacOS 8.6 or higher.

    **212.04 BTU per hour, 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz.
    Apple Order No: N/A Apple Subfamily: Cinema Display
    Dimensions: 18.9 x 23.1 x 12.2 Average Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg)
    Original Price: US$3999 Est. Current Retail: N/A

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